Our REST-compliant web services facilitate the integration of Edgio into your workflow(s), applications, or interfaces.
Learn basic information about our REST API:
  • Requests to our REST API require authentication. Authentication requires:
    • An API client. Learn how to generate an API client.
    • An access token.
      Generate an access token by posting an API client’s ID, secret key, and the desired scopes.
    • Passing the access token through the Authorization header when requesting a REST API operation.
      1curl --request GET \
      2 --url https://edgioapis.com/waf/v0.9/12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890ab/scopes \
      3 --header 'Authorization: Bearer A1bcbGciImtpZCI6Ij13N1VGQ01z...17cRRKYQ'
  • The base URL varies according to the operation being requested.
View our REST API reference.