AI Integrations

Discover our curated selection of AI/LLM project examples, powered by Edgio. Each example showcases the effective deployment of AI and large language model technologies along with Edgio’s innovative edge computing framework. Through Edgio, experience optimized performance, reduced latency, and enhanced scalability in your AI projects.
Whether you aim to enhance user experiences, streamline operations, or unlock new capabilities, Edgio provides the robust infrastructure and advanced features necessary to harness the full power of AI technologies efficiently and effectively.
  • LangChain: A practical scaffold for integrating AI into web apps, featuring a LangChain.js + Next.js template. It showcases conversational AI, structured outputs, and dynamic content retrieval, simplifying the creation of sophisticated, AI-driven web experiences. Ideal for developers eager to explore language model applications.
  • LlamaIndex: Utilize create-llama for a fast setup of your LlamaIndex application, offering a Next.js front-end designed as a chat interface for querying data. Ideal for developers seeking to rapidly deploy AI-powered search and conversational interfaces within their applications.
  • Mistral: Elevate your React applications with Mistral AI which offers pay-as-you-go and open-source solutions. Their client packages and API cater to various use-cases including chat generation, specialized endpoints, and detailed performance insights for crafting bespoke AI experiences.
  • Cohere: Incorporate Cohere’s cutting-edge NLP capabilities into your applications using an Express.js server setup. This example connects to Cohere’s custom API endpoints, facilitated by Edgio’s global network to ensure low-latency, scalable, and efficient text processing. Ideal for developers aiming to integrate advanced text analysis features.