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Vue Storefront Next

Follow these steps to deploy a Vue Storefront Next app on Edgio. As of now Edgio is only compatible with the Vue Storefront Next CLI tool.


Here’s an example Vue Storefront 2 app running on Edgio:


Before proceeding, you will need an Edgio property. Create one now if you do not already have one.
Learn how to create a property.

System Requirements

Sign up for Edgio

Deploying requires an account on Edgio. Sign up here for free.

Install the Edgio CLI

If you have not already done so, install the Edgio CLI.
1npm i -g @edgio/cli@^6.0.0

Run the VSF CLI

The Vue Storefront CLI tool will generate a preconfigured boilerplate project for you. Use these commands to create a new project and update to the latest dependencies.
1npx @vue-storefront/cli generate store
When prompted, enter the name of your project and the integration template:
1$ npx @vue-storefront/cli generate store
2? What's your project name? new-vsf-app
3? Choose an integration template: (Use arrow keys)
4❯ Shopify
5 Magento 2
6 Vendure
7 Kibo Commerce (beta)
8 Odoo
9 Prestashop
10 Spree
11(Move up and down to reveal more choices)
Once the generator has completed, go into the new project directory and install the Node dependencies:
1cd <project-name>
2npm install

Configuring your Vue Storefront app for Edgio

Initialize your project

In the root directory of your project run edgio init:
1edgio init --edgioVersion ^6.0.0
The Edgio init command should have automatically moved all your modules to buildModules in order to deploy the smallest possible build to Edgio.
Ensure @nuxtjs/pwa is not present in the buildModules. It is not needed because @edgio/nuxt/module builds and injects its own service worker.


Test your app with the Sites on your local machine by running the following command in your project’s root directory:
1edgio dev --cache

Building and Deploying

Deploy your app to the Sites by running the following command in your project’s root directory:
1edgio deploy