Install Node.js and npm

Edgio version 4.20.0 supports Node.js version 16.
Although you may use a higher version of Node.js, your app will run using the above version when deployed to Edgio. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the Node.js version that corresponds to your Edgio Applications version when developing your web application.

End-of-Life for Node.js 16 Support

Edgio Applications’s support for Node.js version 16 is undergoing end-of-life. Starting from 7/15/2024, we will no longer support properties that use Node.js version 16. Specifically, you will be prohibited from deploying changes to those properties.
If you are currently using Node.js 16, then we strongly recommend that you perform the following steps prior to 7/15/2024:
  1. Upgrade your application to use Node.js 18 or 20.
  2. Upgrade the Edgio CLI and Edgio dependencies in your project to either v6.2.0 or v7.4.0 or later. We strongly recommend upgrading it to the latest version.
Although Edgio Applications v6.2.0 includes support for Node.js 18, we strongly recommend upgrading to version 7 to take advantage of new functionality, such as real-time analytics (Edge Insights), our new flexible log delivery solution (RTLD), enhanced traffic splitting (Experimentation), Edge Functions, and our latest Security offerings.
Learn how to upgrade to version 7.

Node version managers

If you are using multiple versions of Node.js consider installing a Node version manager like nvm or n.
Quick node install with nvm or n
1# nvm
2nvm install 16
3# n
4n install 16

Package managers

npm is a package manager integrated into Node.
yarn is another very popular package manager.

Node.js installation

Download and install it from the official Node.js v16.x downloads page. Select the download that matches your operating system and run the installer. Note that the installer for Node.js will also install npm.


For mac users, brew install node is a quick way to get the latest node. You can then use nvm or n to manage versions.

Production version

Note that while you can use any version of Node.js >= 16 locally, your app will run in Node 16 when deployed to the Edgio cloud.