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This guide shows you how to deploy a Nuxt3 application to Edgio.



Before proceeding, you will need an Edgio property. Create one now if you do not already have one.
Learn how to create a property.

System Requirements

Sign up for Edgio

Deploying requires an account on Edgio. Sign up here for free.

Install the Edgio CLI

If you have not already done so, install the Edgio CLI.
1npm i -g @edgio/cli@latest

Getting Started

Follow the instructions to create a new Nuxt3 application, run it in a local dev server, and deploy to Edgio.

1. Create a new Nuxt3 application

To create a new Nuxt3 application, run:
1npx nuxi init <app-name>
Learn more about npx and Creating a new Nuxt3 project.
After the installation is complete, change directory to the new project:
1cd <app-name> // Change to the directory of your new application
Then install dependencies with the command:
1npm install # yarn install

2. Add Edgio to the Nuxt3 application

To add Edgio to the Nuxt3 application, run:
1edgio init --edgioVersion latest

3. Run the Nuxt3 app locally with Edgio

To run the Nuxt3 app locally with Edgio, run:
1edgio dev
Vist http://localhost:3000 to view the application.

4. Run the Nuxt3 app in local production mode with Edgio

To run the Nuxt3 app in local production mode with Edgio, run:
1edgio build && edgio run --production

5. Deploy the Nuxt3 app to Edgio

Deploy your app to Edgio by running the following command in your project’s root directory:
1edgio deploy
Your initial CDN-as-code deployment will generate system-defined origin configurations along with those defined within your edgio.config.js. Learn more about system-defined origins.
See Deployments for more information.


  1. Routing with EdgeJS
  2. Prefetching with EdgeJS


Error: Variable siteSlug of type String! was provided invalid value

This error throws on deployment with edgio deploy. To fix this:
  • Add/Update the name field in the package.json file, OR
  • Deploy with the name flag, via, edgio deploy --name=site-slug

tsconfig.json:3:13: warning: Cannot find base config file ”./.nuxt/tsconfig.json”

This is a resolved Nuxt3 error. More on this GitHub Issue.