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Edgio Release Notes

This page contains release notes related to the Edgio Console.
See NPM Packages Changelog for release notes related to the Edgio CLI packages and connectors.

Edgio Console - May 25, 2023

Rules UI Updates
  • Add Condition for Response - Status Code
  • Add Optimize Images feature
  • Add support for matching on request path extension and directory conditions
  • EdgeJS deploy should update hostnames
  • AI Parsing error on rule: ‘deny access for all countries under sanctions’
General Updates
  • Add 3rd-party disclaimer to AI prompts
  • Allow user to diff any pair of environment versions
  • Support for bulk import multiple environment variables
  • Fixed “You are not authorized to perform this operation” error after creating new team/property/deployment
  • Fixed “500 Internal Server Error” while creating new property under team
  • Deploying EdgeJS after WebUI changes the nature of the previous build
  • Core Web Vitals - Google Tag Manager guide renders “Something went wrong” message
  • Fixed “Can’t be blank” error while promoting Web UI deployment to any env
  • Imported variables persist on Import modal
  • “Keep values secret” checkbox is invisible if checked
  • Variables without values are presented as secret
  • Validation error message for variables should contain related key/value

Edgio Console - April 27, 2023

Security Updates
  • Console Security UI: Add reCAPTCHA
General Updates
  • Allow team admin to set up a list of allowed IPs for console access.

Edgio Console - April 20, 2023

Rules UI Updates
  • Added HTTP variables to autocomplete along with inline descriptions
  • Added device classification HTTP variables
  • Fixed the “always applied” label appearing cropped in Safari
  • Added feature summary tooltips
  • Added description to the “Custom Log Field” feature
  • Fixed layout with comments containing lists
  • Removed ‘equals’/‘not equals’ operators for the random number condition
  • Fixed regexp input field growing with user input in the “Rewrite URL” feature
Security Updates
  • Applied loading skeletons to filter sections in the Security dashboard
  • Updated Managed Rules Latest Ruleset
  • Added Alert and Block tabs into Bot Manager Actions
  • Applied validation to bot manager quantity
  • Made “Save” buttons in Security config drawers sticky
  • Added Spoof Bot default action type
  • Added warning icon to Managed Rules tabs & fixed bot rules tab errors
General Updates
  • Fixed role changes visually not being saved when navigating from the Members page
  • Temporarily removed “Api Clients” setting card
  • Fixed cache purges not appearing on cache charts
  • Disabled the “Promote to” dropdown button when there are no other environments
  • Traffic metrics improvements
  • Fixed EdgeJS => WebUI transition