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Edgio Release Notes

This page contains release notes related to the Edgio Console.
See NPM Packages Changelog for release notes related to the Edgio CLI packages and connectors.

September 2023

9/15/2023Security: The order in which Bot Manager detects bot traffic has changed. It now checks whether traffic matches your rules before checking for known or spoofed bots.

August 2023

8/28/2023Edgio Console:
  • The Teams space is now known as the Organizations space. This space is meant to allow collaboration across multiple teams within your organization.
8/28/2023Edgio CLI:
  • Starting with CLI version 7.2.2, the --team option has been deprecated. Use --organization instead.
  • Starting with CLI version 7.2.2, your origin configuration will point to when a host entry is not specified when initializing a property.
8/21/2023Edge Functions :
  • Introduced Edge Functions. Use Edge Functions to execute a small piece of JavaScript code on our edge servers.
8/18/2023Edgio Console:
  • Introduced integration for Github repositories. This integration speeds up development and eases collaboration for Next.js, React, Nuxt, Nuxt3, Vue, and Express projects by automatically deploying commits to Edgio. This allows other team members to preview changes before they are introduced into your production environment. Additionally, once those changes are ready for production traffic, you may merge them into your main Github branch and Edgio will automatically deploy to your production environment.
  • Introduced a new workflow for creating properties. This workflow allows you to choose between the following options:
    • Self Host Property: Use this option if you plan on serving traffic through your web servers. If you are interested in using Edgio Sites, then you should choose the Host Property on Edgio option.
    • Host Property on Edgio: Use this option if you plan on using Edgio Sites or CDN-as-code. You may initialize this new property through the Edgio CLI, create a new Github repository using a sample project, or import an existing Github repository for a Next.js, React, Nuxt, Nuxt3, Vue, or Express project.
  • Added the API Security feature. API Security validates the payload of API requests to a JSON schema.
  • Added the RTLD Bot feature. RTLD Bot delivers log data for threats identified by Bot Manager.

July 2023

  • The Query String match condition has been renamed to Origin Query String
  • Added the Query String match condition.
  • The Edgio Console now remembers your show / hide rule number preference.
7/19/2023Edgio Chrome Extension:
  • Translates the x-edg-components and x-edg-t response headers to metadata that is easier to understand.
  • The Request Details pane now displays request headers.
7/19/2023Edgio EdgeJS Fiddle:
  • Files are now listed within the left-hand pane.
  • Introduced the ability to add, delete, and rename files.
  • The middle pane now displays the contents of the currently selected file.
7/10/2023Rules: Analytics:
  • Introduced the Data Transferred graph to the Traffic page.
  • Introduced the Serverless Usage page.
Edgio Console:
  • The default value for the Preserve cache between deployments setting has changed from cleared to marked. This new default value is only applied when creating an environment.

June 2023

6/20/2023Origins: Rules:
6/2/2023Edgio Sites: Rules: Edgio Docs:
  • Migrated Layer0 documentation ( to
  • Added sample Next.js and Nuxt 3 sites.
  • Updated CDN-as-Code (EdgeJS) guides to expand on rule conditions and features.
  • Fixed search indexing to prevent unrelated results from appearing in search.

May 2023

5/25/2023Rules: Edgio Console:
  • Compare a version of an environment to any other version.
  • Added bulk import multiple environment variables.

April 2023

  • Added reCAPTCHA support.
Edgio Console:
  • An admin user may now define a list of allowed IPs for Edgio Console access.
  • Added HTTP variables to autocomplete along with inline descriptions.
  • Added device classification HTTP variables.
  • Removed equals and not equals operators for the Random Integer (random) match condition.
Edgio Security:
  • Updated Managed Rules Latest ruleset.
  • Added Alert and Block tabs into Bot Manager Actions.
  • Added Spoof Bot default action type.