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Edge Function Examples

Explore a comprehensive collection of edge function examples provided by Edgio. Each example is tailored to demonstrate practical implementations of common use cases, helping you effectively integrate edge functions into your projects.
  • AWS Request Signing: Learn how to sign AWS requests using the version 4 signature to securely interact with AWS services. This guide covers the process of creating a signature, ensuring your requests are authenticated.
  • Basic Request Signing: This example walks you through the fundamentals of signing requests. It’s ideal for understanding the basic principles of request authentication and integrity.
  • Content Stitching: Discover how to seamlessly integrate content from multiple sources. This guide demonstrates techniques for aggregating and displaying content from different endpoints.
  • Header Manipulation: Master the art of manipulating HTTP request and response headers. Learn how to modify, add, or remove headers to control data flow and enhance security.
  • JSON Responses: This guide focuses on handling JSON responses effectively. It includes parsing techniques, error handling, and best practices for JSON data manipulation.
  • Redirects: Implement efficient and smart redirects using edge functions. This example illustrates various redirect scenarios, including permanent and temporary redirection.
  • Waiting Room: Learn how to set up a waiting room for your application. This can help manage traffic during peak times or when launching new products or services.