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Edgio v7 Packages Changelog

This page contains release notes related to the Edgio CLI packages and connectors.

See Release Notes for changes related to the Edgio Console

Edgio Packages - v7.0.15 (2023-05-23)

  • EDGSITES-106 - Ci integration tests v2 (#2043) @petrvecera
  • [EAPPS-334] Add URL limits to edge function hostcalls (#2058) @agutekanst-llnw
  • [EAPPS-310] Add edge function memory limit test (#2055) @agutekanst-llnw
  • EAPPS-306 (#2046) @ierceg
  • NOTICKET fix encoding (#2000) @ierceg
  • EAPPS-332: Add a test for enforcing max duration (#2047) @ierceg
  • EAPPS-301: additional internal telemetry (#2044) @phdunham
  • EDGSITES-189 Fix the context (#2048) @petrvecera

Edgio Packages - v7.0.14 (2023-05-17)

  • EDGSITES-173 - Fix TLS error when connecting to origin in development (#2033) @markbrocato
  • EDGSITES-85 delete build lambda (#2034) @petrvecera
  • v7: Implement AnalogJS Connector (#2041) @rishi-raj-jain
  • fix: update the edgio config created with Nuxt Nitro projects to have v7 configuration (#2042) @rishi-raj-jain
  • EAPPS-329: Implement clone_without_body hostcall and add 2 tests (#2031) @jlundberg-edgio
  • EDGSITES-96: Fix for - url_redirect triggers on mismatched source regex (#2029) @thehansys
  • Added generated Edgio types to prettier ignore file (#2035) @stevenpaz
  • EDGSITES-177: Fix for - Edgio Image Optimizer doesn’t work behind the edge (#2038) @thehansys
  • EDGSITES-172: Added proxyToServerlessByDefault and other config options to Next connector (#2037) @thehansys
  • EAPPS-343 update quickjs-wasm to get wasmtime v8.0.1.edgio2 (#2030) @theothergraham
  • Download the wasm files sooner to fix the pre-v7-edge build (#2028) @phdunham

Edgio Packages - v7.0.13 (2023-05-10)

  • Edgsites 2 change site command (#2027) @petrvecera
  • Fixed validation for parseUrl as native node URL object doesn’t validate double slashes (#2025) @negyxo
  • EDGSITES-108: Fixed bugs in next connector (#2026) @thehansys
  • EAPPS-316: Download tagged quickjs to run npm tests (#2024) @phdunham
  • DT-41: Prepared all other connectors for release 2 (#1993) @thehansys
  • Added temporary fix for: All requests to serverless origin are returning 502 error by the Edge (#2022) @thehansys
  • EAPPS-295 - fix get header values (#2020) @phdunham
  • EAPPS-299: Enabled tests 48 and 57 (#2021) @jlundberg-edgio
  • DT-80: Fixed router.static() bug when index file is served at the root path (#2011) @thehansys
  • EDGSITES-57: Fixed overriding of config in ModCache (#2013) @thehansys
  • Fixed apollo docs config (#2018) @thehansys
  • EDGSITES-52: Fixed nuxt2 init (#2019) @thehansys
  • [Docs] Fix docs cache clear on v7 publish (#2017) @tristanlee85
  • EAPPS 120 (#2014) @ierceg

Edgio Packages - v7.0.12 (2023-05-04)

  • DT-73 Dev server middleware mock replaced with LambdaRequest, unnecessary streaming removed by @jakub-jarek
  • DT-78 Test new releasing to NPM by @petrvecera
  • Fixed experimental-serverless-trace target in next by @thehansys
  • [EAPPS-317] Add delayed client edge function test by @agutekanst-llnw
  • EAPPS-295 - Fix tests for multiple headers with same name. by @phdunham
  • NOTICKET: Make fetch paths unique by @jlundberg-edgio
  • NOTICKET: Disable failing test by @jlundberg-edgio

Edgio Packages - v7.0.11 (2023-04-26)

  • Added missing framework detection definition for qwik (#2001) @negyxo
  • DT-4 Enable no index on permalinks (#1997) @petrvecera

Edgio Packages - v7.0.10 (2023-04-25)

  • Fixed empty .static method issue when provided folder is empty by @thehansys
  • DT-45 In operator moved “inwards” for flattened types, allow numbers through generics by @jakub-jarek
  • DT-40 Expires header support added by @jakub-jarek
  • DT-41: Prepared all other connectors for release by @thehansys
  • DT-65 mod edge functions skipped for browser by @jakub-jarek
  • DT-67 Exact + negation fixed, tested by @jakub-jarek
  • EAPPS-305 Extend the list of headers prohibited for setting by @ierceg
  • Dt 17 implement custom cache key by @negyxo

Edgio Packages - v7.0.9 (2023-04-20)

  • EAPPS-296 fix proxying more (#1981) @ierceg
  • DT-35 ExactPath added to types of router concrete matching functions (#1971) @jakub-jarek
  • DT-33: Changed cache TTL, fixed and enabled starter unit tests (#1975) @thehansys
  • Fixed set_origin (#1974) @thehansys
  • DT-21: Added prerendering (#1963) @thehansys
  • APPOPS-17472: Updated next unit tests and fixed a few bugs (#1935) @thehansys
  • EAPPS-296 fix proxying (#1962) @ierceg
  • Tag edge function pre releases with “pre-v7-edge” (#1973) @phdunham
  • EAPPS-297: enable cache for whatever.fetch origin (#1970) @jlundberg-edgio
  • EAPPS-297: add tests that cache the responses (#1969) @jlundberg-edgio
  • EAPPS-292 move SDK and API to core (#1968) @ierceg
  • DT-6 - DT-11, DT-16 FindMatchingRules bugfixes (#1966) @jakub-jarek
  • Expose config and public router types in API documentation (#1961) @tristanlee85
  • DT-2: Fixed disabled CLI unit tests (#1959) @thehansys
  • DT-14,DT-15: Fixed interpolation bugs (#1957) @thehansys
  • Appops 19131 nuxt js rules to convert to readable time metrics 4000s 1h 6m 40s instead of showing 4000s (#1952) @negyxo
  • Added in operator to router.static utility function and used it in Next (#1911) @negyxo
  • EAPPS-271 - Merge Edge-functions-7.x into master with feature flag. (#1950) @phdunham
  • APPOPS-19067 nuxt fixes related to examples (#1953) @jakub-jarek
  • APPOPS-19166: Removed regex transformation from simulator (#1951) @thehansys
  • Switch BUILD_ID to hex to prevent path encoding issues (#1949) @markbrocato
  • APPOPS-19174 Enable CLI tests (#1933) @petrvecera

Edgio Packages - v7.0.8 (2023-04-12)

  • APPOPS-19160 Config mustnt update if already exists before init (#1947) @jakub-jarek
  • Nuxt integration tests cleanup, nft moved to deps (#1941) @jakub-jarek
  • Reversing next target check on load, as target property is deprecated (#1946) @negyxo
  • APPOPS-19086 Fix the compare (#1942) @petrvecera
  • APPOPS-19138: Updated “env add” command and API query in @edgio/cli (#1936) @thehansys
  • Redwood compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1896) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Update cache clear script for docs (#1938) @tristanlee85

Edgio Packages - v7.0.7 (2023-04-07)

  • Fixed ports in CLI (#1937) @thehansys

Edgio Packages - v7.0.6 (2023-04-06)

  • Added support for or matcher (#1931) @negyxo
  • Readme fix (#1930) @negyxo
  • APPOPS-19086 Warning on version mismatch (#1932) @petrvecera
  • Removed unused variable that is crashing tests (#1934) @negyxo
  • Changed how serverless is entering from outside to RequestContext (#1910) @negyxo
  • Razzle compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1901) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Nitropack compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1891) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Vue CVA compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1903) @rishi-raj-jain
  • React CRA compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1902) @rishi-raj-jain
  • MkDocs compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1899) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Hexo compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1898) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Frontify compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1895) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Implement Qwik Connector with v7 (#1897) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Angular compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1893) @rishi-raj-jain
  • Astro compatible routes with Edgio V7 (#1892) @rishi-raj-jain
  • APPOPS-17737 Nuxt 2 automatic file tracing implemented (#1916) @jakub-jarek
  • APPOPS-19070 Fix api docs generation (#1920) @petrvecera
  • Fix errors thrown by the CLI when running an archive downloaded from … (#1926) @markbrocato

Edgio Packages - v7.0.5 (2023-04-04)

  • service worker cleanup by @markbrocato
  • Update by @negyxo

Edgio Packages - v7.0.4 (2023-04-04)

  • Fixed empty rules with “in” operator in Next by @thehansys
  • Update the express connector for v7.x by @markbrocato
  • Fix an issue with the path rewrite for /service-worker.js by @markbrocato

Edgio Packages - v7.0.3 (2023-04-04)

  • Remove dependency on next-offline by @markbrocato

Edgio Packages - v7.0.2 (2023-04-03)

  • Improvements to serving static assets by @markbrocato
  • Find matching rules by @markbrocato
  • Moved pre-rendered data routes to S3-permanent by @thehansys
  • Allow devtools on deployment domains by @petrvecera
  • Reduced redirect and rewrite to one rule by @thehansys

Edgio Packages - v7.0.1 (2023-04-01)

  • Making all packages latest version to point to latest tag on npm @negyxo

Edgio Packages - v7.0.0 (2023-04-01)

This is major release, packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. This version includes a new core based on a new architecture, which enhances the software’s performance, stability, and flexibility. Below are the key updates that you will find in version 7.0:

  • Our new core is built on a new architecture (Sailfish) that offers better performance, stability, and flexibility.
  • Our router has been completely rewritten to include simplified settings for routes features such as caching, rewriting, and more.
  • The Next.Js, Nuxt, and Nuxt-Nitro connectors have been refactored for better performance and reliability.
  • We have made various improvements to the software, enhancing its stability and reliability.