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Install Node.js and npm

Edgio support for Node.js runtimes varies according to the version of your @edgio packages.
  • Edgio Applications Version 5: Node.js version 14.19.0
  • Edgio Applications Version 6: Node.js version 16.18.0
Although you may use a higher version of Node.js, your app will run using the above version when deployed to Edgio. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the Node.js version that corresponds to your Edgio Applications version when developing your web application.

Node.js Installation

The recommended method for installing Node.js is through a version manager like nvm.
  1. Install nvm by running the following command:
    1curl -o- | bash
  2. Verify that you have successfully installed nvm by running the following command:
    1command -v nvm
  3. Once you have successfully installed nvm, install Node.js by running one of the following commands:
1nvm install 14
  1. Instruct nvm to use the version of Node.js installed in the previous step by running the following command:
1nvm use 14

Package managers

npm is a package manager integrated into Node.
yarn is another very popular package manager.