You are reading Edgio Applications v4 docs. Check out our latest docs for Edgio Applications v7.

Build web apps

The easiest way to get started is by using one of our “Deploy to Edgio” buttons.
Edgio supports many frameworks out of the box. Choose from two of the most popular frameworks below, or expand the menu item for Frameworks and choose your preferred framework to view the specific guide.
Edgio only supports Node.js version 14


Deploy Nuxt.js to Edgio


Deploy Next.js to Edgio
More frameworks available under “Frameworks” in the nav.

New or existing applications

Generate a new app or deploy an existing one to Edgio. You will need to already have a Edgio account. Follow the steps below.

System Requirements

Existing app

To add Edgio to an existing app, run the following:
1$ npm i -g @layer0/cli # yarn global add @layer0/cli
2$ 0 init
3$ 0 deploy

New app

To create a new Edgio compatible app, run:
1# npm
2npm create layer0-app@latest
30 deploy
1# yarn
2yarn create layer0-app@latest
30 deploy