Edgio Applications Version 7

Learn about the benefits of upgrading to Edgio Applications version 7 by reviewing our Benefits For Layer0 Customers: Edgio Applications v7 article.
Upgrading from Edgio Applications version 6 or earlier may require significant changes to your CDN-as-code configuration as certain core legacy components have limited support. View our upgrading guide.
Edgio Applications version 7 introduces:
  • The capability to define your entire CDN configuration within the Edgio Console. If you prefer code to UI, you can still use our CDN-as-code approach to CDN configuration.
    Add Origin
  • Rules that identify a set of traffic and how Edgio will process those requests.
    Rule Example
  • Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD). RTLD allows you to deliver CDN, WAF, and Rate Limiting log data to a variety of destinations in near real-time. RTLD provides complete control over the type of traffic and the type of log data that will be delivered.
    For example, you may choose to only deliver log data for 2xx responses to cdn.example.com to Splunk Enterprise.
    RTLD Workflow
  • Edge Insights. Edge Insights allows you to gain historical and near real-time insights into threat profiles, performance, and CDN usage.
    Edge Insights
  • A refreshed UI for Web Application Firewall (WAF). You may now apply WAF protection to all of your properties at the organization level.
  • CDN-as-code has undergone significant changes. Key changes are listed below:
    • The edgio.config.js file now uses origins instead of backends. Each origin configuration may contain various hosts. Each host identifies a hostname or IP address. Each origin configuration supports an origin shield configuration and TLS settings.
    • You may now set up environments within the edgio.config.js. Assign one or more hostnames to each environment. A hostname identifies the domain (e.g., www.example.com) through which users access your site.
    • Routes now support JSON syntax. A sample route that uses this new syntax is shown below.
      1new Router()
      2 .get('/', {
      3 caching: {
      4 max_age: '1d' // cache for 1 day at the edge
      5 }
      6 })
    • Version 7 provides limited support for legacy syntax.
    • All routes that match a request are executed. In previous versions, various methods return a response and prevent additional routes from being matched.
    • We have introduced a new method called conditional to Router that uses a new JSON syntax and supports conditional logic.
View additional changes introduced by version 7.

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